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The Ultimate Shortcut to starting your Coffee Shop or Café 

How to open a Profitable Coffee Shop or Café with 100% Confidence


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We've been owners and operators for over 30 years
We've directly employed over 1000 people
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About Your Tutors

John Richardson

John Richardson is an author, coach and consultant to the hospitality industry where he specializes in helping coffee shop owners increase profits and make their businesses run more efficiently. He has worked with everything from single site operators to chains with multiple sites and turnovers in the hundreds of millions.

As well as authoring 3 of the UK’s top books on running successful coffee shops, John regularly appears in the media sharing his industry expertise. He has advised the NHS, Gordon Ramsay and Simon Rimmer and writes a regular blog for Caffe Culture.


"John Richardson is a consultant to some of the UK's best-known coffee chains and a major player in the industry"

Andrew & Claire Bowen

Andrew & Claire Bowen are award winning authors and Independent Coffee Shop Coaches, having run their own very successful independent coffee shop chain for 15 years. They wrote their best selling book "The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money' to prevent other budding coffee shop entrepreneurs from making the mistakes they made!

Their book has been voted as one of the top coffee books of all time and their blog on has been awarded 'Top Ten UK Coffee Blog'.

They are regular contributors to industry publications and speak at conferences around the world.

Voted World's Top 30 Hospitality Professionals for 2023 & 24

Global Gurus top 30 Hospitality Claire Bowen

Some of the topics covered ...

The #1 Online Community for Coffee shop and Café Start-Ups - ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Why now is the best time to open in years...
How much will it cost me to set up?  What you must spend money on and what is superfluous
How much money can I expect to make?  Note: our target is to have you making money in week TWO - not year three!
YOUR Why? - why are you setting it up and the importance of having crystal clarity over this
Your customer’s why.  The irresistible attraction that you’ll create… if you don’t have this your chances of success are very low
How to find the perfect location for your coffee shop - the 74 variables that make the difference between success and failure
Predicting your sales with accuracy - and why most people get this completely wrong 
The correct way to pay your staff and how this can make substantial improvements to your profitability
The real cost of not having a great team - both emotionally and financially
How to recruit the best people and why this will save you a fortune in the long run
The 5 critical jobs in a coffee shop and why you must allocate them correctly to ensure your wage bill is under control
Building your menu and the four key criteria that each item must adhere to
Pricing your menu perfectly to ensure you actually make profit!
Profit margin targets - why these vary dramatically through your menu offering and the model you’re operating
The four secrets to a profitable menu and why most people ignore at least one of these  
Recipe cards - to ensure you have consistent delivery of delicious, well presented AND profitable food
Developing 'all day attraction' so you can be busy even in the quiet times
Operations checklists - to ensure the business runs well, even if you’re not there or on a three week holiday!
Managing your cash - the vital and hard earned skill that you want in place on day one… not two years down the line…
Selecting your suppliers - how to negotiate and create long lasting relationships to build a strong and resilient business
Raising finance - the key ways to actually get the money in to get set up!
How to choose a POS system - and why this has the potential to make you large increases in net profits
Equipment checklist - what you really need… and what you don’t
How to choose the right coffee machine and how this will vary from location to location 
Getting your layout right - get this wrong and it can cost you tens of thousands every year in one worked example we show you how getting it wrong cost an owner hundreds of thousands per year!
How to build efficiency into your design and why this can dramatically increase profitability and help with staff retention and general happiness!
How to work with a designer and which designers to avoid
Leases, leases, leases… ignore this at your peril.  Even more important in a post-COVID world 
Our legal responsibilities and why getting some of these wrong can mean potential jail time or a huge fine
The power and pain of partnerships - the critical criteria you need for successful partnerships and the red lights that should make you say “I’m out!”
No cost marketing - building sales for zero expense 
The simple way to plan your cash flow - and why this document should be with you for the life of your business!

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Sarah Louise

Joined June 2020

"Well I have finally completed the training, and what an eye-opener it has been ( in a good way ) - I now have to get down to the hard graft of completing all the spreadsheets and working everything out properly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in to producing these videos, this will make a massive difference in the way I approach the whole thing."

Dayna Winter

brew | twenty three

"Andrew and Claire were a crucial part in my decision in opening my first site, I met them coincidentally (or by fate) about six months before I opened
brew | twenty three.
They shared their knowledge, passion and advice with me as if they were opening their own site - they both genuinely cared (and still do). They continued to go above and beyond, responded to all my questions and gave me so many points to consider that I wouldn't have thought of.
I was extremely clear on my vision of
brew | twenty three and Andrew and Claire never lost sight of that for me and adapted their processes tailored to my business.
 Andrew and Claire are two of the most genuine, caring, patient and calming people I have worked with and I would recommend them to anyone opening (or thinking of opening) their own shop, no matter their vision. 

dan winter brew twenty three

Massive Help

It's been a massive help, and I am very grateful! Couldn't have done it without your help

Joanna Kingston

New Coffee Shop Owner


Thank you both for the great course, it gave me lots of insight.

April Lovett

New Coffee Shop Owner


You've found it...

The Ultimate Shortcut to starting your Coffee Shop or Café 

How to open a Profitable Coffee Shop or Café with 100% Confidence

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