How to open a coffee shop or cafe with confidence

Menu Phychology

Our unique MENUTHESOROUS™️ is designed to inspire you when you are developing your menu. 

We see so many menus that are boring and don't add any value. 

Owners are leaving money on the table, even though they buy all their ingredients locally, they use recipes that are handed down from generations, they have spent 1000's of hours perfecting the recipes, they don't describe this on their menu. 

How often do you see a label that says 'Chocolate Cake' or 'Carrot Cake' in a coffee shop or cafe? 

How often do you see a 'Ham & Cheese Toastie' on a menu? 

These descriptions read more like recipes or lists of ingredients than something that will fire up the taste buds of your guests. 

Adding some adjectives to a menu item and calling it something rather than the list of its ingredients will make a massive difference in how much your guest will be willing to pay for it. Giving your menu items names - your 'mozzarella and tomato panini' becomes the 'The Italian' and instantly becomes unique to your place and guests will not compare its price to all the other mozzarella and tomatoes panini's sold everywhere else. 

We used puns on the name of our business, you could get inspiration locally. A full English breakfast in Sheffield becomes the 'Full Monty' (a pun of the film of that name based in Sheffield). Take time to review how you describe what you sell to differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Use descriptive adjectives to describe any menu item. 

A 'Scrumptious, sugar coated home-made chocolate fudge cake' will taste better and sell for more than a simple 'Choc Cake'.

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Menu Layout Template