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At the end of the course you will be able to open a coffee shop or cafe

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At the end of the training you will be able to open a coffee shop or cafe with confidence

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The best selling authors of the 4 of the best coffee shop start up books of all time

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At the end of the course you will be able to open a coffee shop or cafe

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No fluff or filler just everything you need to open a successful coffee shop, coffee cart or cafe

4 Part Free Video Course

We have recorded a series of 4 videos for coffee shop start ups to give you a head start before you open your new business

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Over the next week we will share with you the opportunity, the common mistakes and tell you how much money you should make

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About Your Tutors

John Richardson

John Richardson is an author, coach and consultant to the hospitality industry where he specializes in helping coffee shop owners increase profits and make their businesses run more efficiently. He has worked with everything from single site operators to chains with multiple sites and turnovers in the hundreds of millions.

As well as authoring 3 of the UK’s top books on running successful coffee shops, John regularly appears in the media sharing his industry expertise. He has advised the NHS, Gordon Ramsay and Simon Rimmer and writes a regular blog for Caffe Culture.


"John Richardson is a consultant to some of the UK's best-known coffee chains and a major player in the industry"

Andrew & Claire Bowen

Andrew & Claire Bowen are authors and independent coffee shop consultants, having run their own very successful independent coffee shop chain for 15 years they wrote their best selling book "The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money' to prevent other budding coffee shop entrepreneurs from making the mistakes they made!

Their book has been voted one of top coffee books of all time and their blog on has been awarded 'Top Ten UK Coffee Blog'.

They are regular contributors to industry publications and speak at conferences around the world.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

Our amazing community are loving our's what they are saying about Start Up A Coffee Shop

Sarah Louise

Joined June 2020

"Well I have finally completed the training, and what an eye-opener it has been ( in a good way ) - I now have to get down to the hard graft of completing all the spreadsheets and working everything out properly. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in to producing these videos, this will make a massive difference in the way I approach the whole thing."

Rebecca Mace

Coffee Shop Owner

"I've never come across business mentors who have knowledge of the industry like these guys, that's why they are worth their weight in gold "

Alice Rendle Edgecumbes

Alice Rendle

Award Winning Roastery, Tea Merchant & Cafe

“When Edgecumbes decided to open a retail/cafe arm at it's roastery, we realised quickly that we needed some profesional advice.
Despite over 35 years of experiencein the coffee indusrty, it was clear that hospitality was a completely different business and this was where John's deep understanding and knowledge of his industry came into clear focus.
He worked with us in a sytematic way to deal with the key areas of finance, people, product, and strategy direction - such that we were able to open the business having made all the most important decisons in advance.
The Cafe is up and running and thanks to the systems and processes we put in place, exceeing all our targets ”.  

Dayna Winter

brew | twenty three

"Andrew and Claire were a crucial part in my decision in opening my first site, I met them coincidentally (or by fate) about six months before I opened
brew | twenty three.
They shared their knowledge, passion and advice with me as if they were opening their own site - they both genuinely cared (and still do). They continued to go above and beyond, responded to all my questions and gave me so many points to consider that I wouldn't have thought of.
I was extremely clear on my vision of
brew | twenty three and Andrew and Claire never lost sight of that for me and adapted their processes tailored to my business.
 Andrew and Claire are two of the most genuine, caring, patient and calming people I have worked with and I would recommend them to anyone opening (or thinking of opening) their own shop, no matter their vision. 

dan winter brew twenty three

Aisling Kelly

Coffee Shop Owner

“Do this course - it will save you thousands”.  

Louisa Henry

Coffee Shop Owner

"Often you might have all the answer at your fingertips but the value in a coach is showing you what to focus on next to get the biggest and fastest return
You can learn a lot from reading books or scouring forums but the real value is having someone to take some of the decision making away from you, focus you like a laser and set you loose on improving your business in the most efficient way"

Get the full course and unlimited online support

This special limited-time offer will not last long.  Grab the full course and all the resources now and open your coffee shop with confidence.

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